Brotherhood (Bratstvo – Ukr.) is a small but active Kyiv-based organization that mainly organizes provocations
against opposition politicians and journalists. At the beginning of the military action in eastern Ukraine, its members joined the Azov battalion, then moved to the Shakhtars’k battalion (later called Tornado), and after its dissolution formed its own unit, St. Mary company, within the Ministry of Interior. It stopped existing in 2016.

These days the activists hold a popular Internet channel which contains incitement of hatred propaganda. Largely its audience is members of radical-minded ATO veterans and the rest of the far-right.

Oksana Korchyns’ka, the wife of the organization’s leader Dmytro Korchyns’ky, was a member of the Parliament of the 8th convocation from the Radical Party and politically supported the far-rights accused of criminal acts.