About us

Marker is a website created by the Far-right Violence Monitoring Group. Starting with October 2018, we have been collecting and systematizing data on far-right confrontation and violence in Ukraine. Our goal is to analyze the activity of xenophobic, anti-democratic, and violent organizations and initiatives from the right side of the spectrum who engage in hate crimes, assaults, and pressure against their political opponents, minorities, and vulnerable groups. 

Systematic coverage of these issues serves to prevent dissemination of far-right ideas along with normalization of far-right crimes that pose a threat to freedom of speech and expression as well as to the democratic process in Ukraine. 

The website contains annual monitoring reports; a description of the applied methodology; profiles on various far-right groups whose confrontations and violence we were able to identify; our own articles along with references on other thematical journalistic articles; scientific researches, and reports made by other organizations who monitor the far-right activity in Ukraine as well.